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How My Fat Loss Transformation Can Help You!

Growing up, I was the short and skinny kid. I was actually the smallest kid in my class! When I was 18 years old and about to attend my first year of college at Penn State University, I weighed 125 lbs at a height of 5'8". 


During college, I was determined to get as big and strong as possible. I didn't care how I put on the weight, I just wanted to be bigger. By the time I was 22 years old, I weighed 225 pounds (almost 100-pound weight gain!); thanks to lifting weights, eating as much as I could, and of course, pizza and beer.


When I finally hit 225 pounds, I was starting to hear from close friends and family something that I had never heard in my entire life, I was getting a little chubby. I finally realized that even though I was big and strong, I was VERY unhealthy. 


I decided it was time to take care of my health and not worry about my looks. Coincidentally, I found that my best muscle gains, fat loss, and performance improvements occurred when I focused on using health and fitness to better myself holistically and not for vanity sake!  My Results: I ended up losing over 50 pounds in 6 weeks!


I don't want you guys to make the same mistakes I did. I don't want you spinning your wheels and wasting time and energy with all of the crash diets and "6 Minute Six Pack Abs!" scams. I am here to make things easy for you. This Ebook gives you step-by-step instructions on how to take back your health and improve your appearance in just 21 days!  
**Note- Results I experienced may not be typical and may vary from consumer to consumer. 

If You’ve Tried To Build a Great Body And Failed Before, It’s Not Your Fault!

The fitness world is filled with “experts” trying to make some quick cash advertising the “latest and greatest” workout programs, supplements, and diets. These people don’t care whether the information they are selling is ineffective or sometimes even dangerous to your health.

One of the biggest problems today is too much information available via the internet and not enough knowledge of what to do with it. Nowadays, you can always find contradicting information and if you don’t have the ability to filter out the bad information, you have a problem.

I have been through all of these problems. I have unhealthily force fed myself trying to “bulk up” and then got scammed by crash diets and "miracle workouts" when I wanted to lose fat. I have spent more money than I would like to admit on supplements and the “latest and greatest” workout programs. Let me help you learn from my mistakes. I have learned that fads don't work, gimmicks don't work; but consistency does. I believe everyone has the ability to better themselves. They just need a little guidance along the way.

This program takes all of the guess work out of your training and nutrition. I provide you with a simple step-by-step program that you can follow without getting a headache. In just 21 days you will be on your way to feeling and looking better than you ever have!

Introducing Unleash Your Potential Fitness' 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge!

Get Strong, Lose Weight, & Feel Great! Fast, Safely, & FOR GOOD!

Unleash Your Potential Fitness 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge has been proven time and again to help clients lose fat, build muscle, and most importantly, feel better in just 21 days.

  • Lose fat (Clients have lost up to 12 pounds in 3 Weeks!)
  • Build Muscle & Get Stronger
  • Feel Better
  • No guesswork- Super easy to use and follow.

**please note- this is a digital product and images are for visualization only. 

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Just Imagine...

  • Having complete control over how your body looks and feels.
  • Seeing changes in your body every single week.
  • Noticing yourself getting stronger every workout.
  • Finally getting rid of that belly fat that has been sticking around for years.
  • Not having anymore headaches trying to figure out what program or diet to try out.
  • Finally having a program that is simple, easy to use, and tells you exactly what to do while leaving flexibility.

Created By Jim Spingler - Founder of Unleash Your Potential Fitness


Certified Online Trainer (Online Trainer Academy OTC)

N.E.S.T.A Certified Strength Coach (Zach Even-Esh Certified Underground Strength Coach)

N.E.S.T.A Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist

N.E.S.T.A Certified Holistic Life Coach 

4 years work experience in a gym environment 

Current Fitness Instructor at Master Pagano’s Red Dragon Martial Arts 

3rd Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and Hap Ki Do

Former Martial Arts instructor for over 5 years

With Unleash  Your Potential Fitness 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, You Will Learn:

  • How to move and nourish your body in order to look and feel better fast.
  • What foods you should try to eliminate to lose weight and feel better, and why you should be eliminating them.
  • What Macro-nutrients are, and how they should be utilized to burn fat and build muscle.
  • How food servings work.
  • Example meal plans that show you exactly what to do while allowing flexibility.
  • How you should eat on a day that you workout and on rest days.
  • The grocery list of acceptable foods for this program.
  • Supplementation for health and performance.
  • Why strength training is superior to cardio for muscle gain and fat loss.
  • How many days a week you should be working out.
  • Why full body workouts are superior to the popular "bodybuilding" split routine workouts. (ex. leg day, arm day, chest day, etc.)
  • Workout guidelines to maximize your results.
  • Vital recovery information to get the most out of your workout and nutrition program.
  • How to utilize 15 minute circuit session to burn fat fast.
  • ... and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

Here's What Others Are Saying About The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

I lost 7 pounds in the first 21 days. My stomach is flatter. The program wasn't hard to follow at all. I liked how I had freedom with my meals as long as they were within the set ranges. The workouts felt good and tough but not unreachable!

Pete , Philadelphia, PA

I absolutely love the program. I have a newborn baby and a full time job but I am able to fit the workouts in whenever I have some extra time because they are short and effective.

Anthony , Media, PA

I lost 3 pounds in the first week and then steadily lost 2 pounds a week from there. Really enjoyed this program. I have completed it twice so far! All of the nutritional guidelines are easy to follow and the workouts are easy to fit into my busy schedule. I really liked the fat burning circuits!

Justin , Philadelphia, PA

I am down 17 pounds thanks to this program! Every other program I've tried I have never been able to stick with it long enough to lose any weight. Thank you!!!

Ali , Newtown Square, PA

**Note- Results experienced may not be typical and may vary from consumer to consumer. 

**Note- Results experienced may not be typical and may vary from consumer to consumer. 

The entire 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge above is amazing value, but...

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Bonus: 25 Tips to Strip Off Body Fat For the Summer!

It is NEVER too early to get your beach body ready for the summer! This Ebook highlights the principles that I use with all of my clients and programs. These principles have been proven time and again to help my clients drastically improve their health and body composition. They are based on 10-plus years of gym experience, 5-plus years of training experience, and the experience of going through my own dramatic fat loss process in such a short amount of time. The most important thing about this Ebook is that it focuses on improving your health, and with that your body composition follows!

Stop Wasting Your Time & Money With All of The Scam Workout & Diet Plans Out There

Turn Off Your Brain and Let Me Guide You to Better Health


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  • Component 1: Nutritional Guidelines and Plan
  • Component 2: Grocery List
  • Component 3: Training Schedule & Exact Workout Plans
  • Component 4: 12 Fifteen Minute Fat Burning Circuit Workouts
  • Bonus: 25 Tips to Strip Off Body Fat For the Summer!
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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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If You Don’t Invest in the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, How Will Your Life Be Any Different Tomorrow Than it is Today?

**please note- this is a digital product and images are for visualization only. 

If you don’t invest in The 21- Day Total Body Transformation Program today and you choose not to let it help you  make big changes in your life, then how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today? The answer is: It won't be any different, you’ll still be spinning your wheels.

Investing in yourself today will deliver the foundation necessary to make EVERYTHING in your life come easier and faster -- including that body and health transformation you're striving for.

Because of this, I’m giving you “My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” to allow you to build your body, and feel more fit and confident. Thanks to my clients, test subjects, and proven science, I know that this simple program works. Join me RISK-FREE today.

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