5 Ways to Cut Down on Sugar For Good!

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When looking to lose weight and feel great, sugar is a killer. Sugar in excess can lead to weight gain, blood sugar issues, and other more dangerous issues such as heart disease. Sugar has empty calories, can mess with your metabolism, and screw up your insulin levels. The results? You feel like crap and you look like crap. The body weight added due to your sugar intake usually results in abdominal fat (think of the lower belly patch) due to the insulin and hormonal problems that sugar can cause.

Now enough of scaring the hell out of you guys, let’s talk about how to fix this problem!

Before we get started, I definitely want to say that I do not expect anyone to cut out sugar from their diets completely. Everyone is human and can enjoy a treat here and there. We just want to cut down on the sugar!

PINTEREST 5 Ways to Cut Down on Sugar FOR GOOD!

Here are 5 great ways to cut down on your sugar intake: 

1. Never Shop Hungry!

Grocery shopping while hungry is a recipe for disaster. Everything will seem delicious! You're basically setting yourself up for failure. Who wouldn’t want to buy the delicious snacks, cakes, and cookies when they are starving? Make sure you are fully satiated before going food shopping so that your head is clear and your stomach isn’t talking to you!

2. Don’t Drink your Sugar!

Water should be your main liquid when looking to lose weight and feel great. Sugary beverages will crush your fat-loss goals. The high amount of calories and sugar content will make you gain weight fast. Many people do not realize that one of the easiest and quickest ways for them to lose weight would be to start removing their sugary drinks from their daily routines and replacing them with water. There are MANY studies available showing the negative health issues associated with consistently drinking sugary drinks. And it is also important to realize that diet drinks are no better. They are full of artificial sweeteners and chemicals that are awful for your body.

3. Utilize Herbs and Spices!

Herbs and spices are your answer to high calorie/high sugar condiments, sauces, and dressings. Try out some herbs and spices on your meals instead of the diet killing condiments. Many people do not realize how small the serving sizes are and how high in calories and sugar content their favorite dressings or condiments are. I would much rather someone put some honey into a smoothie or onto their food than eat or drink something full of sugar.

4. Clean out your Kitchen and Cupboards!

One of the first things you should do when deciding to make a change to your diet is to clean out your kitchen. If food you shouldn't be eating is left in your fridges, freezers, or on your shelves, you will give in at some point or another. Everyone knows the feeling of their willpower decreasing as they get hungry. Try to avoid this issue by removing the unhealthy foods. Keeping the food out of the house will work wonders for your mental state. No more internal arguing whether it is okay to “have just one” cookie.

5. Check Your Labels for Hidden Ingredients!

Hidden calories and ingredients are a big problem for people looking to get healthy and lose weight. Look out for sugary drinks, juices, salad dressings, condiments, nut butters, and snacks that have high calorie/sugar content and deceiving serving sizes. The closest your food is to it’s natural source the better. The longer the ingredient list on a label, the quicker you should be putting it back on the shelf!

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