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Our site offers blog posts providing information to everyday people who aren’t able to filter out all of the misinformation found on the internet. We want to  provide clear, easy to read, and to-the-point tips (based on our own personal training experience and research) on:

-Getting in great shape in just a few hours a week

-Eating to get strong and/or lose body fat

-Improving self confidence and mindset

-Stress reduction

Online Personal Training/Coaching

Online training is an efficient, innovative way to offer life changing fitness coaching to clients. The benefits of online training include flexibility, convenience, and affordability. My coaching focuses on body and lifestyle transformations; using physical training, nutrition, and improvements in thinking and mindset to help you reach your goals and unleash your potential. I believe that training the mind and body in unison will give you your greatest results.

Transformation Contests

Have you always wanted to join a fitness challenge but didn’t have the time to get to the fitness classes or gym?

Well our transformation contests are for you! Our transformation contests are unique because you don’t have to commit to a time or a place.  You have the option to join a gym or to train right from your own home. Doing this alone is too hard, let us help you make amazing progress and transformations in as little as 6 weeks! Our contests will range from 6 to 12 weeks and will offer CASH PRIZES! STAY TUNED!

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

I think we’ve all dealt with the frustrations of trying to lose weight. One day you look in the mirror and decide it is time to get back on track. You start eating healthier and exercising more. Weeks and months go by and after all of those skipped desserts you are ready for the scale […]

Should You Get Rid of Your Whey Protein Supplement?

How’s it going everyone? Today I want to talk about a topic that has helped improve my health immensely within the past two years.  A lot of people (including me) supplement with protein shakes, and while I believe that they are a great tool, there are some things that I would like to address first.  […]

5 Reasons Women Should Strength Train

Despite the huge health benefits of strength training with your body or weights, there seems to be many women who stay away. For some reason, it is a common belief among women that they should stay away from the weights and stick to cardio. Many women avoid incorporating weight training into their workouts, or when […]

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